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MTV Believe Movie Trailer!

Today a second, new and exclusive Believe Movie trailer premiered on MTV.

The video on the website only works in some countries so if you can’t watch it, here’s a youtube link of the video

EXCLUSIVE ClevverTV Believe Movie Clip - Justin Bieber Says Fans Prevent Boredom

EXCLUSIVE ClevverTV Believe Movie Clip - Justin Bieber Shows Fans Love

As you’ve already probably heard, the "Journals" album was set to release today however last Friday Justin tweeted that he wrote another ‘smash’ and wanted us to hear it so the release date got pushed back another week.

The tracklist for Journals:

1. Heartbreaker
2. All That Matters
3. Hold Tight
4. Recovery
5. Bad Day
6. All Bad
7. PYD feat. R. Kelly
8. Roller Coaster
9. Change Me
10. Confident feat. Chance The Rapper
11. One Life
12. Backpack feat. Lil Wayne
13. What’s Hatnin’ feat. Future
14. Swap It Out
15. Memphis feat. Big Sean
16. All That Matter – Music Video
17. Justin Bieber’s Believe Theatrical Trailer
18. Guatemala Pencils Of Promise Journal Video

+ the new bonus song Justin has written (name of song has to yet been reveled).

"Journals" album will release on iTunes Monday 23rd December!

"Journals" album artwork releasing on iTunes Monday 16th December!

The single covers for Justin’s five new songs releasing as part of his special “Journals” album on iTunes on Monday (16th December)!

Justin Bieber's 'Journals' Collection to Drop In Time For Christmas (Exclusive) →

Confirmed by Billboard today in an exclusive article….

  • Next Monday (16th December) Justin will launch an exclusive "Journals" album featuring all his music mondays songs and 5 brand new songs, All That Matters music video, Believe Theatrical trailer and Guatemala Pencils Of Promise Journal Video.
  • A video for Confident will release at the top of 2014.
  • Justin will be announcing plans to release his next full album in the last quarter of 2014.

Read the article for full deatails and to see the official tracklist for the Journals album priced at $13.99 in the US (prices will vary depending on your country).

Plus, Believe Movie is releasing later this month.

We’re being very spoiled by Justin this Christmas.

Don’t forget to request Confident on the radio as we want more and more people to hear the song and give Justin a chance! These are the main stations to focus on as they are the most listened to but here is the list of nationwide radios stations below:

If there are any radio stations that haven’t been mentioned request there too and also request the song on your local radio station as well! 

-{When tweeting the stations do not spam, it is less likely that they’ll play the song and you could risk getting blocked. Be polite, ask nicely and they just might give Justin the radio play he deserves!}-


The tenth and final single from Justin’s "Music Mondays" series is Confident!

Support Justin and make sure you download your copy from iTunes and getting that number one spot will unlock this weeks Film Fridays!

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